Dockside Dave...hmmmmmm! Where would one start? Dave was born out of wedlock and
stranded by his mother on Egmont Key. She had left him for six men in a John Boat headed to
Cabbage Key. As a boy Dave fended for himself and became one with Grouper. When Dave was a
boy he learned great respect of nature and survival. He swam daily with the black and red
grouper and they treated him like their own. One day a large Gag wouldn't share any shrimp with
Dave. Dave was angry, hungry and desperate for food. He then decided he was sick of fighting
for food with the Grouper and he decided they tasted better than the shrimp. He had betrayed his
only known family. He didn't care, he dreamed of the buttery taste of Grouper and soon became
known as the pillager of the sea. One day while salivating for his dinner of fresh cut grouper
along came a boat with a fiesty young man named Electronica, a fisherman who had the ability to
mesmerize the sea creatures with his gyrating hips. He would dance and hypnotize the fish thus
taking food from Dockside Dave. Dave was taken back by this peculiar method of fishing. They
soon became famous friends and decided to team up with their catch of the day. As you know,
this is the first human contact Dave has encountered. He didn't know how to behave.
Electronica spoke of women and Dave dreamed of escaping the island in search of women and
big ripe tomatoes that Electronica spoke of and how good they would be with grouper. And thus
the grouper sandwich was born with the big ripe tomato. Dockside Dave became ever so greedy
and still pillaged the sea and now women as well. Electronica and Dave were as skilled at fishing
as they were at finding women and fathering children. It is said to believe that Dave and
Electronica had fathered more than 50 children in 3 different countries. Dave decided in his old
age to share his catches and open a restaurant on Madeira Beach where Electronica comes in
and works and pretends he is Dave when Dave is not there. He thinks that one day he will
replace Dave and become the new "Lord of the Grouper". Be careful when you see Dave, if you
resemble a tomato or grouper you may be in danger (just ask Barbara).

The Latest ...GHOSTLY PRESENCE AT DOCKSIDE DAVE'S GRILL on St. Pete Beach...Word has
it that resident Electronica has been experiencing a ghastly ghostly presence in the "Barney
Decored" upstairs of the restaurant. Electronica claims that a young girl named Christina is a
local nocturnal resident that lost her life in the restaurant and needs attention. Rumor has it that
Christina has tapped Busboys on the shoulder as they were gathering stock. Electronica claims
that the ghost has actually spooned him in bed, while he was supposedly sleeping. Christina
shut off Electronica's radio twice, she doesn't favor Country Music. Perhaps, Electronica needs
to bring in Sinatra for his girl. Truth or wishful thinking, you decide.

So you all are wondering where Ol' Dave is ....taking a hiatus from the Dockside Chaos.
Rumor has speculated that Dave has been spending money on lavish gifts and wild
gambling excursions...Dave perhaps will resurface in January...The ghost of Jimmy the Greek
says that Dave will need to return for more mad money!!

UPDATE!!! The gumpy ol' man is back at Madeira Beach...herding his flock...He's spent all his
mad money and claims to have given up gambling....BAH!! We'll see how long he can go without
a one-armed bandit!!